Did you know that blocked drains can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria? Although this isn't discussed often, the truth is that it happens. These kinds of bacteria may cause health problems to you and your loved ones. Most homeowners think that they can unclog and clean their drains using numerous remedies found online, but it's always advisable to let professionals handle this task. Wondering why? Some home remedies actually promote the growth of bacteria.

Why do bacteria grow in clogged drains?

High moisture levels usually create perfect conditions for the growth of some types of bacteria. This is because a large percentage of the weight of a bacterial cell is water. The sink/drain location can determine the kind of bacteria that grows in the drains.

Common types of bacteria that can thrive within the sink and drain include:

Campylobacter Jejuni – This bacterium usually affects kids who are under five years, including people who are aged between fifteen and thirty. Sinks can breed this kind of bacteria when it's exposed to vegetables, unchlorinated water, raw animal food or raw milk.

Salmonella – Salmonella may cause gastrointestinal illness and typhoidal illness. If your sink is exposed to fresh produce, raw meat and dairy products, these can pose health risks. Moreover, the faecal matter often found in bathroom sinks may also have salmonella.

Staphylococcus Aureus – Also known as staph, this bacterium causes food poisoning, infections to wounds, toxic shock and pneumonia. Staph grows in wet conditions and is extremely resilient. It can also survive in dry areas like a sink you rarely use. If anyone is exposed to little staph, they will experience illnesses and infections related to the bacteria. Sinks exposed to foods that need to be refrigerated also harbour this dangerous bacteria.

Escherichia Coli – although most E. coli strains are valuable gut bacteria, some six groups of this bacteria can transmit sickness via contaminated water and food. If your sink is exposed to such foods and water, the bacteria will be transmitted.

How to protect your home

In case you have started sensing strange odours from your drain, consider talking to a plumber about your blocked drains. Ensure your drains are cleaned properly by an expert. The pros will use a water jetter and suitable chemicals that are catastrophic to bacteria but can be harmful to you. Also, be careful about the substances that go into the drain. So, be it hair or food scraps, all these things will cause blocked drains, ultimately leading to bacteria growth.